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"We All Know That After Several Google Updates In 2020, 99 Percent Of Link Indexers Don't Work Anymore, Many Of Them Already Shutdown. But We've Done Our Research We've Found An Effective Way To Get Your Links Indexed Faster."

100% Working Indexer

We Use Several Methods To Get Your Content Indexed. We Are Proud Of The High Indexing Rate We Get Compared To Any Other Indexer Out There. You Build The Links, We Do The Indexing For You.

Easy To Use

To index your links is quite easy, all you have to do is login to your dashboard, paste or upload your links for indexing, you’ll receive an email notification once your links has been processed for indexing.

Fast Crawling and Indexing

With Allstarmag, it’ll only take just few hours to get your links crawled Google and up-to three days to start getting indexed, now you don’t how to spend weeks or months to get your links crawled again.


How Long Will It Take For My Links To Start Getting Indexed?

It Takes Just Few Hours To Get Your Links Crawled Google About Two To Three Days For Your Links To Start Getting Indexed

Do You Offer Drip Feeding?

Due to the nature and the complexity of our indexer, we don't support drip feed at the moment, but we are working hard to add this feature very soon.

What's The Difference Between Indexing Crawling?

Crawling Is When Google Crawler Visits Your Link To Evaluate It For Indexing While Indexing Is When Google Crawler Decides To Show Your Link (Index) On Google Search Result.

How much does your indexer cost.

Our pricing starts at $15/month for up to 6000 link index per month and 200 link index per day. visit our pricing page to see more plans

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